In spring of 2016, Academic Solutions was just an idea. An idea without a name, logotype and corporate tax card. Today, Academic Solutions is run by a bunch of ambitious souls who, based on their own experience of being students, driven companies and been employed, built up a company that was missing on the market. We found several common requests when we conducted market research with students and companies / organizations; Easy, active support, custom service.
Today I can proudly present a service that is easy-to-use, offers active support and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Academic Solutions not only addresses the concrete need to interact with companies during the study time (as it is stated in the syllabus) but also a service that contributes to concrete social benefits.

Companies and organizations make a community effort while giving them the opportunity to strengthen their business. Students get the opportunity to meet key business representatives while boosting their CVs - simply a Win-Win!

We have big plans for Academic Solutions –welcome to join us on our journey!

Anna Tunberg
-* Founder and CEO of Academic Solutions AB*