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Is your business continously looking for students to collaborate and work with, but have too little resources to handle the process?
Do you want to discuss opportunities for a collaboration with AcademicSolutions?

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With the right prerequisites, an internship can be a valuable boost in your company. As an entrepreneur you may have different reasons for hiring an intern. You may have a need to recruit in the future and there are no people with the specific skills right now that you are looking for, or you simply want to renew and rejuvenate your business. You may also want to do a community effort by helping students out in business.
An internship should never replace a regular job. The student should be able to learn a job and get knowledge of how a workplace or industry works.


By allowing one or more students to write their thesis within your business you get the chance to have a problem clarified and potentially find a solution. Someone who inspires and comes up with new ideas and may make you discover new opportunities. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know potential future employees. The thesis is usually conducted for 10-20 weeks. There are different levels of exams / essays. Read more under information to employers, or by clicking here.

Student employee

A student employee is a student you hire that should work with tasks that link to the student's field of education. Our students are the entrepreneurs and social actors of the future and, through such a service, have the opportunity to create a network of contacts in the business world while gaining credible experiences. In addition to providing companies / organizations with the opportunity to obtain data or surveys, there is also a way to create a safe and smart recruitment basis for the future. A student employee usually works between 10-20 hours a week.


There are several universities / colleges that provide different types of project courses. A project course can mean that a group of students will investigate a problem for your company / organization and try to find a solution. For example, it might be about digitalizing and automating something in the operations currently being performed manually, or to review your business from a sustainability perspective. By collaborating with students, you get the opportunity to create a safe and smart recruitment foundation for the future while, at the same time, you’re making a community effort by helping students out in business.

AcademicSolutions offers an easy way for us as a client to gain new skills in our business. We add new skills in our company, and strengthen our competitiveness and the person who performs the assignment will improve their CV.

Björn Olsson, CEO FloCell AB and Partner in Handelshuset Hylén & Olsson

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