• When the student sends a declaration of interest you will get notified via email. Then it is you who take care of the contact with the student. If nothing is agreed with AcademicSolutions it is up to you as a client to appoint a student who is suitable for the task. It is up to the student in consultation with the supervisor at the university approve the essay topic / internship / project.

Important points to consider for you as a client

• It is important to appoint a supervisor at the company. The supervisor should be the contact person in the ad/mission and the one who handles the communication with the student.

• The thesis / internship / project must be accepted by a tutor at the university / college before the work can start, and it is the supervisor and the student that are responsible for the mission to have the right academic level and scope.

• The thesis / inernship / project scope is often 10-20 weeks. Concerning thesis, it is important to make a clear timetable so that the students will be ready in time, this is the student's responsibility. At internships and projects, it is important that you have a good dialogue with the student so that your expectations correspond to the student’s.

• Give students the information necessary to carry out the mission, this can e.g. be background information, access to internal material and the opportunity to interview staff.

• Should the mission be carried out on site? Make sure that the student gets the equipment needed. If the task is to be performed on a distance, it is important to have continuous communication to avoid misunderstandings.

• Thesis / internship / project is part of the student's education and the student has no right to receive compensation. Some clients, however, choose to compensate the student. Therefore, be prepared that the question may occur.

• It is customary that the company stands for special expenses such as travel costs, telephone costs etc.

Special rights for thesis

• The essay must be presented to the university / college in a given formal structure. The essay is usually presented at a seminar. One tip is to invite students to present the essay also on the company.

• It is the student who owns the rights of the results of their thesis unless nothing else is agreed. If the client wants to take over the rights of the result; you ought to establish an agreement in the form of a written contract.

• Higher education institutions are governed by the principle of publicity and the possibility of making thesis confidential are limited.

Basic level

The thesis at basic level are more focused on scientific theory and methodology.

Bachelor Degree

Advanced level

On advanced level the thesis are focused on research and investigation. The student is expected to make a thesis that is both innovative and reliable.