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Ingenjörsvetenskap och teknologi, It/software

Type of assignment
Project, Student worker, Summer job

Junior Data Scientist - Assistance with AI course creation and execution

Are you an AI/ML enthusiast and want too kickstart your career and work with predictive modelling under flexible terms helping out with an exciting AI course project?

We are now looking for a freelancing Junior Data Scientist that as for the first part time assignment, during the summer months, would be assisting with creation and execution/realisation of an AI course. Good collaboration with this assignment will lead to Applied/Exploring AI engagements after summer.

What we look for is:

• Pragmatic work- and mindset

• Burning AI/ML interest and skillsets

• Python, ML opensource libs (Tensorflow, Panda, Scikit-learn etc)

• Good oral and written communication skills in Swedish and English

• Comfortable with PowerPoint creation (just part of the job)

• Living in Öresund region (Malmö, Lund, Copenhagen)

What we offer:

• AI/ML related work

• Time & place flexibility

• Good compensation

• Bright career in AI (in the long run, for the right profile)

For further information about this part time position please contact: Owner / CEO – Melina Katkic +46 707 317 450

Company information

We help organisations to discover benefits and grow their business with applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain technologies. Adoption of innovation, even if it is the threat to ones core business, is the only way to survive disruptive technologies.

We are new as a company but old as AI & Blockchain enthusiasts.

Our services are cross-industry & adjusted after individual organisational needs and innovative maturity.

ADVICE: There is a short list of professionals who understand AI, ML & Blockchain and can clearly explain how firms can benefit from it now and in the future. We collaborate with such profiles, solely.

EMBRACE: Our customized events with keynotes from highly enthusiastic and disruptive tech speakers can "kick-start AI/ML and Blockchain innovative thinking" in any employee.

LEARN: Our "ML Crash Courses" prepare leaders for AI strategy walks and talks by providing them with ML anatomy insights and helping them to test building their own predictive models.

APPLY AI/ML: We investigate, clean and crunch historical data it and if predictive power found we build models that can predict outcomes and help involved stakeholders make better and business beneficia decisions.

APPLY BLOCKCHAIN: We help organisations pilot and adopt to application of blockchain and distributed ledgers.