Ashish Aryal

Webbutvecklare, Korta ben.

“With Academic Solutions i got to practice what iv’ve studied. Working along side my studies have also helped me both in professional growth and gain the sense of responsibility. I also gain practical experience for my upcoming professional role. Where I am constantly evolving”.

What does your extra job do, what are your duties?

As a web developer, my job gives me many challenges. I’m responsible for making and managing websites and web applications. We in Korta Ben use WordPress as our go to tool for our tasks along with vue.js. I’m also responsible for making our own themes and plugins whenever necessary

How did you get in touch with Academic Solutions?

After I started my studies, I was looking for part time assignments related to my studies. In that process, I bumped into the Academic Solutions linkedin page where they had a post for a job and I was curious. I had few questions about the assignment and I got in touch with Anna

What are the biggest challenges with your job?
Every project that we do comes with its own unique challenges and quirks. Sometimes, the challenge is in the design aspect and sometimes in the development aspect. But the constant challenge which keeps us on the edge in every project is to finish and deliver the assignment on the predicted time frame. This also motivates me to work hard and efficiently.

What made you interested in working extra alongside your studies?
I was doing fairly well in my studies and I wanted to gain real world experience. Besides, I wanted challenges because I think that’s the best way to grow professionally. Each time you face hurdles at your work, it provides you an opportunity to grow and think about things critically. This was the most attractive aspect of working alongside my studies.

What made you interested in working extra alongside your studies?
Would you recommend others to start working alongside their studies? Why?

Yes, absolutely I would recommend people to work alongside their studies. Universities and colleges have specific objectives and that is to provide you with knowledge and skill. When you finish your studies and apply for a job, you will see the employers are looking for your ability to be responsible along with your skills. The ability to be responsible and reliable is something you learn on the field rather than in a class room. So for anyone to be a complete package and highly employable, they should definitely consider working alongside their studies

What does your extra job mean?

I work as a web developer which requires me to create, update, upgrade various websites and web based applications. I work with a small team of good people. As a web developer, I also have to participate in client meetings to understand what are their requirements. All of these responsibilities come with an underlying opportunity of professional growth which I’m very thankful for

How much do you work every week?
I work at least 50%   Depending upon my classes. Soon, summer holidays will start and I’m planning to work full time. It will be a good opportunity to see what I can bring to the table when I work full time. 

The main benefit is that you get to practice what you've studied.

Delivering an college assignment by deadline is very different than delivering a project on deadline. You will learn about those things once you start to work. To sum up, professional development and sense of responsibility is going to be the biggest benefit of working while studying besides the financial aspect. 

What are the biggest benefits of extra work while studying?
As mentioned before, the main benefit is that you get to practice what you’ve studied. Working along side your studies also helps your professional growth and teaches you a sense of responsibility.