Can exchange students work in Sweden?

Getting a job is almost like a maturity test, like making your first dentist appointment or dropping your car off for service. Trying to get a job in a foreign country can be even more of a challenge, but as we find ourselves in Sweden Academic Solutions has some tips and motivations as to why Sweden is a good place to begin this journey after or during your studies.

An exchange student may now be asking why Sweden? There are several reasons why this might be the choice for many after or during their studies. Firstly, A student who has a residence permit for studies at a university or college in Sweden may work without a work permit in addition to his studies. Secondly, don’t worry about the language requirements. Sweden is luckily one of the countries in Europe where practically everyone speaks English, therefore speaking Swedish fluently is not a mandatory job requirement. Most big companies, as well as start-ups in Sweden, work in English due to international collaboration, interest, and attraction. Impeccable English may thus be a greater advantage. Thirdly, Sweden offers a lot of jobs fitted for specific studies. Sweden is a leader in innovation with various companies in the field of ICT and energy, where Sweden is at the cutting edge of sustainable development and technological advancement. Consequently, many various jobs emerge, everything from sustainability consultants to programmers and software developers. A top tip for engineers is that Sweden is a pioneer in IT and eco-friendly applications, those experienced will find greater career opportunities here.  Lastly, Sweden takes the well-being of employees into high consideration. The Swedish labor market is built upon employees’ rights. You will receive generous parental leaves and benefits, equality in all kinds of forms is highly valued in Sweden, and there is clear legislation for your employment.

The question now may be where you should begin your journey into the labor market in Sweden. Don’t be intimidated, here are some tips to help you get a foothold.

          1. Start by joining Career Services offered by faculties at your University

  • Career Services help guide you in what sectors or companies are available for your chosen career path.
  • Career services can help refine your resumes and personal letters.
  • Career services often offer career days where various companies come in from all over Sweden to look for graduates. Here you can practice your interview skills with company representatives and see what positions are offered by them.

         2. Try Finding a part-time job/Internship

  • Sweden offers students a lot of flexible part-time jobs alongside studies, often being no more than 20 hours a week.
  • Various part-time jobs are often posted online throughout the year, where many do not require Swedish as a skill. There are many part-time jobs in almost all fields of studying, leaving you many to choose from.
  • Internships, like part-time jobs, in Sweden are deemed as an extra qualification when applying to jobs, boosting your resume. Most Universities offer Internships at companies they collaborate with, if not, various Internships can be found online.
  • Internships and part-time jobs are a great way to understand the Swedish work culture in a short period of time, but also gain experience in your field of study for your future career.

         3. Gain a network

  • Since Sweden is a pioneer in various fields, a network can aid in establishing yourself in the labor market.
  • Swedish Universities often offer lectures and mingle evenings with well-established employees, such as CEOs and directors of various companies in Sweden. This is a great opportunity to gain a network with the employees and those who are interested in the same field as you! Don’t be afraid to present yourself and ask questions.
  • Networks will not only help you gain a foothold into a career path but may also inspire and motivate you.

The bottom line is if you engage yourself, are motivated, and try to put yourself out there, your determination will most likely get you far. Everything is doable, the help of Swedish Universities and the access to part-time jobs/internships give a great opportunity for exchange students, like you, to gain experience for further career paths in Sweden. Best of luck!

Text av Sarah Tavakol

Publicerad av Emil Bjerenius