Christmas Activities for Students

Christmas is right around the corner, which may entail various activities to make your days merrier. Meteorologists predict a colder Christmas than recent years, so why not find the perfect holiday activities for the ultimate Christmas feeling. Tis the season. 

But how can you as a student make the most out of it with a reasonable budget? Well, we are here to tell you not all Christmas celebrations need to involve large expenses and extravaganza. 

A famous Christmas activity is baking. In Sweden, we are very fond of baking lussekatter and pepparkakor (saffron buns and gingerbread). This should preferably be saved for the four advents, every Sunday until Christmas on the 24th. Not only are you participating in the tradition, but in a fun activity with friends where you can eat sweets late into the night. Don’t forget to drink some glogg (mulled wine)!

Secondly, as students on a budget, it’s fun and economical to organize a Secret Santa with friends, where the group can decide a budget on spending. Not only is everyone receiving surprises but saving money in only getting one present and not several for everyone. Don’t be afraid to explore second-hand presents or even donations as a present! It’s a bonus to see everyone’s reactions during the exchange, try not to spoil who got who before Christmas day. No one likes spoilers. 

Continuing on the creative side, a newly explored Christmas activity I have found is a Christmas song competition. Plan a cozy night in with friends, bring hot chocolate, glögg, and Christmas candy to have during the fun and games. Have the host plan the “quiz” and split yourself into teams. Winners can receive a prize or praise, up to you! Don’t just go for the classics in the competition, find some challenging ones, maybe in different languages too! You never know what people may listen to. 

As it may be one of the colder Christmases we have had in a while, cozy nights inside may be optimal this year. We Swedes know that there is never enough mys (snuggles/coziness). Light some candles, have some fika (snacks), and put on the classic Christmas movies. You could also turn back the time to when you were a child and watch the yearly Christmas Calendar show (Julkalendern). To the international students, we hope there are subtitles to this, it’s truly a Swedish experience to watch an episode every day until Christmas day. Almost like a countdown, we are never too old for these things! 

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t stay inside all day, fresh air and movement are important, especially when we are eating that little extra side dish during the holidays. What better way to spread Christmas spirits than ice-skating? Depending on where you reside in Sweden there will be ice rinks outside as in Stockholm, or there will be ice rinks inside as in Malmö. Nevertheless, we promise that you will find somewhere to ice skate no matter where you are in Sweden. Whether you are a pro or beginner at ice skating, we guarantee the experience is just as fun, even if you fall more than once. If you are lucky and live somewhere with snow, you must go sledding, even if you are 10+. Age is just a number anyway. 

In the midst of all these activities, don’t forget to send Christmas greetings to your near and dear. We all know we need some extra attention after these past two years. Send a Christmas card to your family and friends, wherever they find themselves, or just Facetime.  Spread the Christmas cheer and delight in every moment! 

As the first week of December passes, this article will be the last for 2021. With that, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Text av Sarah Tavakol

Publicerad av Viktor Cederholm